Visualisation and Future Memories

The only thing you need is your imagination…

What? Who says? … Well, read on.

It is well known that at the age of 16, Albert Einstein used visualisation when he discovered that the speed of light was always constant.

Later in life, keeping in mind the perspective he had then on a lifetime of research and discoveries into the mystery of life itself, he wrote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Einstein was not known to waste words, nor talk randomly. Every statement he made was the result of deep thoughts and consideration.

So, what is visualisation, or mental imagery? It is the art of creating pictures in your mind of something you would like to happen sometime in the future. We use this ability each time we involve ourselves in a creative process. It goes hand in hand with imagination. We create things like arts, music, ideas, and architecture and so much more. As we imagine and visualise, we are ‘manipulating’ energies in our brain (neural connections) that in turn manipulate the powers that make up our bodies (chemicals) and what we experience as physical things. But we do this, for the most, unconsciously or worst, around adverse outcomes.

From Einstein to personal development, meditation, coaching and self-hypnosis

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Many celebrities, change makers, influencers in various fields of human activities have endorsed the use of Visualization and claimed it had a significant role in their success. Such A-Listers include Oprah, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, Bill Gates, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney… all used visualisation to turn their skills and passion into successful businesses. And you’d be hard pressed to find an Olympic gold medallist in the last 20 years who don’t visualise. In short, visualisation is something that virtually all most creative people have used to succeed whether they knew it, or not. It is also well researched: Over 200 studies have proven that visualisation improves everything from your memory, to physical skills, relaxation and productivity…

Imagination, Visualisation and Future Memories is a one day workshop during which we explore, in lay terms, much of what is described here above and learn a practical, multidimensional approach to mental imagery that YOU CAN USE in many facets of life: health, study, business etc.

During the workshop, you will learn:

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• An introduction to the latest science behind visualisation, in simple terms everyone can understand.
• How to understand 'time' and time 'loop' when practising creative visualisation
• Why using a 'vision board' will help you practice and enhance your visualisation skills, how it works and why it works
• The mistake beginners and experienced practitioners make when constructing a 'vision' board, that undermines them from getting measurable results that people see and feel.
• The critical physiological and mental zones you must avoid and the state you need to understand if you wish to experience measurable outcomes
• How nuggets of wisdom found in many spiritual traditions, Colour Psychology and Symbology can help you unlock your creative potential.
• Last but not least, how to generate at will and in the moment, the feeling you need to stay positive, optimistic and feeling good despite circumstances beyond your control or 'bad hair days'. What does this have to do with visualisation? A lot and more as you will discover.

Included in this workshop is the Integrated Guide To Creative Visualisation, a step-by-step action plan to be crystal clear on what you wish to create then how to move toward your future memory as it starts to happen for you.

Visualisation and Future Memories

One day Workshop (6 hours)

Integrated Guide To Creative Visualisation
20 people maximum

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$130* per participant.

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