Exploring the alchemy of change,

Down the rabbit's hole we go...

    How do we make sense of ​the new world that is emerging?

    How do we overcome the battle between the self that resist change and the Self that is pushing us forward to grow?

    How do we overcome this feeling of being the black sheep? the odd one? the misfit​?​

    ​Were do we go when we ​want to feel the depth of human connection? ​Where hug​s and ​emotions are ​physical ​experiences​ ​rather than​ icons on a digital device?

Simple !

We connect and meet with others on the same path

Philosopher's Corners are physical​ ​and local ​environments ​were we​ meet like-minded soulful ​others​ on a similar path.
Together we can share and explore​ ideas, dream, imagine the future, gain the courage we need to trance-end our uncertainty, in short give and receive support and inspiration from each others.

Philosopher’s Corner

Connect and meet with others
Note that food and beverages can be purchased and consumed at the venue.

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