Matrix Mapping

Magic is just science that we don't understand yet.

In this living atelier, we probe deeper into our mind’s creative powers.

The information we explore during the Future Memories workshop is sufficient to develop a powerful creative matrix on your own. Over the years however many people have expressed the desire to do this within a group environment (it’s fun and inspiring) or individually with me.

Rather than to facilitate Future Memories over two days, I am offering this 'hands-on' atelier as an additional option.

Matrix Mapping

Hands-on atelier,
the list of material you'll need will be provided upon booking.

6 hours Workshop
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10 people maximum

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$100* per participant.

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When you purchase any of my creative workshops you will receive a voucher for that exact same program, same date, free of charge. This is for you to gift to a friend or loved one whom you know will benefit from sharing this experience with you.

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