Once Upon a Time

Discover your past from an entirely new perspective and rewrite your story in a way that promotes growth and transformation

Your story, how you see your life from the moment you were born to today is one, long, big winding journey that establishes the reality of your world. For most of us, it defines who we are and how we see the world. It influences every choice you made, every decision you take, every opportunity you wish to explore.

It is the baggage we carry around with us, wherever we go, whatever we do and it is often heavy.

Because we understand time as linear (past-present-future) we think that we cannot change the past and believe that we are stuck carrying this baggage for the rest of our lives.

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In this workshop, I introduce you to a fundamentally new perspective, a perspective that makes it possible to embrace the present free of memories that no longer serve you and create a future you might currently think not within your reach.

Once Upon A Time

How Rewriting Your Story Can Transform Your Life

One day Workshop (8 hours)
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10 people maximum

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$300* per participant.

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You Are One Decision Away from a Completely Different Life

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