What are people saying?

Discovery. “This program offers delightful access to children of all ages into the magical world of the human mind. I happily endorse this Odyssey”
Louise L. Hay - Author of "You Can Heal Your Life" and "Empowering Women" 

Discovery. “This book alone deserves it’s own web page, as the impact it will have on our future is unspeakable! Our children don’t have to struggle like we did! They can learn NOW how to create lives they are meant to have.”
Bob Doyle - Author – ‘The Secret’ DVD

“I am a young person who wishes that I had read Discovery while I was still at school. It would have turned my life around and made it easier to reach my goals. It is a huge short cut to information that I have since learned the hard way. Within this book are new ways of looking at the world, and each person's important role in it. Whether you are an adult or a child it is a Discovery that will change you life.”
Graham Squires - Actor “Home & Away”- Sydney

“Wow! What a delightfully gentle yet powerful presentation Discovery is. I believe it is a message that the children of our world need now. This program will provide a key for children to escape the left brain prison our formal schooling has locked them into. It will give them tools to build LOVE and FREEDOM into their life and ultimately all our lives.”
Robyn Hanlon - (Home Educator) - Dip. T. Grad Dip Except.Child B.Ed (early childhood)

Discovery: “...the course content and presentation are excellent. Discovery makes complex information clear and simple but powerful, and is a very good combination of information and experiential exercises. Above all, it will give children an understanding of , and access to, their own inner self and its astonishing power, and a positive tool for creating a great life.”
Elizabeth O'Brien - Business Development Manager, Global Walkabout

“Discovery will allow our children to create a life full of joy, personal responsibility, hope, confidence and self reliance. A chance to show our children that they have an infinite number of choices and give them a glimpse of the limitlessness of their own potential.”
Michelle Hewitt - Mother of two / Parent Effectiveness Trainer/ Registered Nurse, Darwin

“Discovery is a powerful tool even in the hand of the most inexperienced enquirer who ventures on its exciting journey. Isabelle Sennery has woven a masterful journey for adolescents and emerging adults, a trove of treasures to enhance and resource the journey of all children who travel with you. I have every confidence in commending Discovery.”
Terry Parsons - School Principal / BSc Dip Ed Grad Dip RE/Author

“What impressed me the most about Discovery is that it reaches beyond any and all social conditioning and reinforces the beauty and importance of the self. Most exciting to me is how the gentle and beautiful manner of the presentation enhances the adventure of self discovery and stimulates abstract thought processing.”
Rose Konda - Director, Lightseed Connections, Montana USA.

“I believe Discovery would be a great resource for the kids of today. With so many pressures that they find themselves dealing with, Discovery will give many children/teenagers a way of not only dealing with those pressures, but show them how to get the most out of life, making choices that support them in the growing up process.”
Benita Collings - TV Presenter - Director, PlaySkills Pty Ltd

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“I love ‘Discovery’ and congratulate Isabelle Sennery on producing this magnificent journey of self-realisation. Here is an opportunity for children to appreciate their true purpose in life. The language is simple, easy and fun. It will enable children everywhere to benefit, by finding out about themselves as they are invited to participate in this adventure of personal understanding.”
John Mulvey - Business Consultant, Presenter and Author

“Over the past six years I've marketed a wide range of personal growth products and have thousands of customers Australia-wide. Over that time I've tested and reviewed dozens of programs but I had always thought it a shame that I had never found any good program that were designed specifically for children and teenagers. That was until I was introduced to Discovery. As I went though the program I became more and more excited by the potential this amazing program has to make a huge difference in the lives of young people and the massive positive effect this could have on the future of this planet. This step-by-step program with beautiful illustrations and practical application exercises is a powerful tool that every teacher and parent needs to have to ensure that the young people in their care have the opportunity to live full and happy lives...”
Alan & Lesley Hewitt - Managing Director, Earthstar Publishing - Perth WA