Feedback and testimonials...

The following are feedback given freely by past and present business clients and seminar deleguates. I am grateful for their contribution and commitment to success and fulfillment in their chosen fields. Many of these clients are happy to share their experiences directly and personally, upon request.

“Over the last decade, I have had the privilege to work with the leaders of the personal empowerment industry, designing and producing some of the most highly visible personal development programs in use throughout the world today. : Mark Victor and Jack Canfield of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" fame, Anthony Robbins "Life Mastery" series, Pinnacle Learning Systems "Ascension" seminar series, James A Ray, "The Science of Success" program, Bernhard Dohrmann's "Income Builders International Mega Events" and Delfin International Two Day seminar amongst many others. As a producer I can clearly demonstrates the vast difference in each of these programs. Each of these programs have their pluses and minuses. They have all been around for many years and 10 of thousands of people have experience them with a variety of outcome and a variety of satisfaction level. The Odyssey seminar (based on Isabelle Sennery "Mastermind: A New World of Possibilities") is another path that an individual may take to improve his or her personal well being. Odyssey unique curriculum is based on natural laws, spiritual growth, modern science and practical applications. These natural laws are part of the worlds structure whether one recognize them or not. Like gravity, it just works. The simple principles that are taught in the Odyssey seminars are as clear to understand and incorporate into your personal life as the use of gravity: it just works”
Richard Greninger - Production Director - Coast to Coast Productions - USA

“Thank you for this amazing experience. It has co me into my life at the exact ti me I was ready for it and seeking the information. What I have learnt today are not only the most amazing tools but also how to apply them in all areas of my life. I look forwards to applying this and am excited about the future I am creating.”
Marinelli - Actress & Writer - Sydney

“I really enjoyed the information, the amount of examples, the presentation format and especially the visuals and the music. I am inspired and look forward to putting in place the excellent, simple, practical tools and to learning more. Please sign me up for the next workshops!”
T Corbett - Sydney

“I have been taught from day one of my life the possibilities of my power. As I got older I have started to understand the concepts and what needs to be done. It is one thing to know the information, another to understand it all and yet another to apply it to life. From the Live Your Life Backwards experience I have learnt a simple and straight forward way to implement all this knowledge in my life and make it my reality.”
S Sirianni - Sydney

“Thank you Isabelle for your enthusiasm and confidence. I too was enthralled after seeing you at the Dream Team! Thank you for helping me with my reality check!”
S Boyd - Sydney

“Very interesting experience, especially the quantum physics side of things explained so simply. The writing down exercise really shows you how you can transform your current state into what you want and how to have it. Very relaxed and easy environment for growth, thank you for a lovely day.”
A Reed - Sydney

“I would like to thank you personally for the fabulous learning experience and the great processes - the visual board and writing scripts etc. It will likely take a couple of weeks to get it all done but I've made a start and it feels very good. Thanks again Isabelle - you're a wonderful teacher.”
L Elliot - Psychotherapy, Education & Training - Sydney

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“Thank you Isabelle for an inspirational event, your passion for sharing information that will transform lives is amazing. During the event I was overcome with moments of realisation of your insight and wisdom into the journey of the higher self which brings much peace and understanding. This event left me with practical tools that I could and did apply immediately and I have already have had things appear in my life. Once again thank you for a life empowering event...”
S Suteska - Sydney

“My thoughts on the seminar are that it was not only an eye opener but a reality check. Your knowledge, enthusiasm, love and caring attitude absorbed us the whole day through. You speak from your heart and encourage us to do the sa me . I would recom me nd my contacts to co me to another workshop in the future. I am looking forward to meeting up with you and everyone in a month's time . Looking forward to reaping positive rewards.”
A Cumming - Sydney

“Thanks so much for today. I had a great day with you. So great to hear your passionate voice again and learn more from you! Really great to connect with you and plug into your world again.”
I Hunt - Sydney

“I loved the different levels that Isabelle was able to present this course from; using all of our senses and engaging many di me nsions. The course has given me strong tools to create the future that I choose...... my today is creating my future, and I am very congruent with that scientific fact. I Love your work and look forward to attending more inspiring courses.”
W.A Shober - Sydney

“I just wanted to tell you what a great day Sunday was. I definitely think you achieved your objectives, I absolutely ca me away feeling more centered and more confident in myself and there was no doubt that the exercise could be achievable. I found this quote that sums up the seminar " Just as a deep lake is clear and still, even so on hearing the teachings, the wise beco me exceedingly peaceful " the Dharmapada Buddhist text.”
M Sirianni - Sydney

“I started the day feeling depressed and down. By lunch time I was feeling inspired. Thank you.”
L Clark - Sydney

“Fabulous tools; practical, workable, great visuals to illustrate the knowledge.”
V Elliott - Sydney

“What an absolutely amazing and inspirational day! Much more of what I had hoped. I am inspired to explore much more of what I learned, apply it to my life and inspire others to do likewise.”
D Wilson - Teacher - Sydney

“Absolutely fascinating "out there" concepts supported by hard facts which make it all the more exciting.”
L Moule - Sydney

“The material I have viewed is absolutely thought provoking and profoundly brilliant. I look forward to working with Isabelle and her carefully chosen team to bring Creation's educational workshops and retreats to all who are ready and willing to experience the wonderful journey of personal evolution.”
Penelope Doyle - Facilitation Director - Bond Institute of Self-Development

“I have been challenging and questioning my belief system for about two years. My religious beliefs seemed to no longer have meaning for my personal growth. Part of myself was telling me that there was something much bigger and better for me ... the only challenge was to find out what it was! The information presented in theCreAction 'Awakening' workshop has opened a whole new world to me.”
Marie Ippodimonte - High School Teacher & Reiki Practitioner - Sydney

“A totally new understanding of life purpose and the path to achieving ones goals.”
F William - Sydney

Isabelle Sennery © 2005-


“Very enlightening and powerful. Shifted paradigms for me and created a new understanding of who I really am ...”
I Hunt - Artist & Life Coach - Sydney

“Opens ones view of life to a new and exciting possibility for the future.”
K Andreoni - Reflexologist - Sydney

“Very powerful while down to earth and simple. Gave me answers to many questions and a lot of hope and optimism for the future.”
G Bouskila - Kinesiologist - Sydney

“The course was interesting because I found I was not alone in feeling the way I was. It was just great to be around other people who were "feeling" the heart-felt way of thinking too. I suppose though that once you let go and release yourself to fate, the universe or whatever then it is inevitable that you will come into contact with these types of people anyway... as I did4.”
G Harper - Commerical Pilot - Sydney

“A very entertaining & thought (!) provoking day. Learnt a lot & keen to know more'.”
M Rhodes - Certified E-Myth Coach & Consultant - Sydney

“I found your seminar fascinating, and mind expanding. Your presentation was inspiring and awakened in me the fact that we can all make a difference - it is up to us. Knowing the facts you shared with us gives us a responsibility to share with others. My head felt full at the end of the day and I am still going over the papers. Thank you so much - I would not have missed it.”
H Elflett - Teacher & Reiki Practitioner

“I have attended a few Seminars and Workshops facilitated by Isabelle Sennery. They were all source of Inspiration and insight for me. Isabelle walks her talk... her passion for life and in what she believes in, reflects her deep love for mankind and truth, which makes people want to raise their own standards. Isabelle shares her passion with anyone who is willing to learn, and yet is humble with the gift that has been given to her. Her ability with words creates pictures of what is really happening out there, as she speaks directly from the heart. She speaks with warmth, humour and wisdom. Her passion and genuine desire to share the lessons life has taught her makes for a wealth of learning. Everyone will benefit by sharing these seminars, so go ahead and enjoy it. I am looking forward to participating in many more Seminars'.”
J Gurney - Seminar Coordinator & Promoteur - QLD

“Isabelle Sennery is a warm and open-hearted teacher. Her tireless research and passion to lead people to freedom have resulted in a program packed full of cutting edge information. It will allow you to discover for yourself the keys to true self-empowerment. This experience has the potential to change your life forever.”
Robyn Hanlon - Home Educator - Dip. T. Grad Dip Except. Child B. Ed (early childhood)

“As a Reiki Master, I have been studying energy and the human body/spirit and their functions for many years. Before attending Science, Heart & Soul: The New Frontier workshop, I went through 5 days of energy disturbance. I knew this was a sign that I was to make some evolutionary changes in my life by attending this event. I attended with a very open mind and was presented with some of the most up-to-date information about the necessary changes that we are faced with today and a whole lot more that I felt inside of my heart. Lots of love in my heart came out and I was able to contact part of myself that needed attention. The healing I obtained from being in the room and participating in the meditations has had a great effect on me. Others in the room reported a similar experience. If you were ever needing to bring about your purpose in life and you are close to one of Isabelle's seminars, then do yourself a favour: book in and enjoy. There is much more in store for you than you think. Be warned you will never think the same again and you will keep smiling!! This seminar could save you years of soul searching and thousands of dollars.”
V Markiewicz - Reiki Master