What I've been thinking about.

Are you stuck somehow.

Are you stuck somehow and believe that no matter what you do, no matter how many times you tried, you cannot get out of what keeps you stuck?

Could changing your belief about change be the solution?

Our personality is composed of a complex interlocking system of beliefs starting with how and what we think about our selves, which is often “set in concrete”. We are programmed since our formative years to believe certain things about ourselves, certain things about the world around us and about how we fit into this world and how everything should or should not be. Would you agree?

In today’s world where everything is changing so radically, this pattern of thinking is becoming a real problem. Why? Because much of what we believe to be true has been overturned by discoveries in almost every single field of science. In other words, what we believe to be true might not be true after all! An example of that would be how until very recently, we believed the brain could not change and that we could no longer learn after a certain age. Neuroplasticity shows and confirm our brain can be literally rewired no matter how young or old we are! We also believed that our heart was just a marvellous pump circulating blood through the circulatory system but discoveries over the past 2 decades evidence it does so much more! We thought depression was a mental illness when the latest science seems to indicate it initiates in the nervous system of the gut! We now have people moving artificial limbs using the power of their thought!

So let me ask you: If there is more (so much more) to your brain, your heart, your gut, then what does that mean with regards to the beliefs we hold about their roles in our lives? What would be the value of holding to what is no longer true?

And here is another question for you to consider: what belief are you holding that might no longer be true, not only about your heart and brain but about YOU?

Some people believe they cannot learn new skills and change career, others believe they cannot speak in public, be healthy and free of unproductive habits like over eating or smoking, some people believe they cannot improve their self-esteem, or cannot be confident, others believe they are not worth being love, too fat, too skinny, not good enough…

Picture the hamster wheel: we find ourselves stuck in one area of life or another, and remain stuck because we believe we cannot un-stuck ourselves. Why? Because making fundamental change in our lives is daunting. We get overwhelmed just thinking of what needs to be done, we get caught up in our heads about the ‘how’ we can manage these changes etc. Do you relate somehow?

You are NOT alone. Millions of individuals are currently travelling this road and the journey is not over. We are entering a new era in our human evolution. We are living times of unprecedented changes and no one can tell exactly how things will unfold. One thing is certain though: holding on to patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us, carrying un-necessary baggage will not help us adapting to these changes and moving forward with our lives.

Because you are reading this page, you might be at a crossroad in your life where you experience the need to change, something, somehow. Or you might have a specific challenge you wish to overcome, once and for all. At time, most of us need a bit of help and I am here for you should you wish to explore how modern change work can help you moving forward and realize what is possible for you.

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